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You look for Sailor fighters

CODENAME SAILOR V is the pre-volume of SAILOR MOON.
You can discover a musical episode "love on the tree lined road". (vol.8)
You can discover the sailor fighters who were ordinary junior high school students with this work.
Question & Hint
Where is Usagi Tukino ? (vol.5), (vol.6), (vol.12)
Where is Ami Mizuno ? (vol.15)
Where is Makoto Kino ? (vol.16)
Where is Lei Hino ? (vol.6)
* An answer is a reverse side (^_^;
(vol.11-vol.13) The pet of vol.11 is a cat. The pet of vol.12 is a dog. But the pet of vol.13 is a mosquito.
Originally it should be a rat. I do not understand.
I investigated the following books.
CODENAME SAILOR V 1, ISBN4-06-334928-2, 2004 Japan
CODENAME SAILOR V 2, ISBN4-06-334947-0, 2005 Japan
Codename Sailor V [1]
vol.01 Seilor V was born !
vol.02 Minako in "Crown game center"
vol.03 Sailor V appears ! -- "Channel 44" Pandora's ambition --
vol.04 Petite Pandora's ambition !
vol.05 The Dark Agency's plot
vol.06 confrontation! Sailor V versus electronic fighter girl Luga !!
Codename Sailor V [2]
vol.07 Sailor V's vacation -- Ambition to Hawaii !
vol.08 Love on the tree-lined road -- Turbo full open, crunch crunch
vol.09 Sailor V vs Debrine
vol.10 Sailor V in a crisis !? -- Doubtful thief A, appearance !
Codename Sailor V [3]
vol.11 Mew-Mew's plot -- the pet stories No.1
vol.12 Bowwow-Bowwow's plot -- the pet stories No.2
vol.13 Suck-Suck's plot -- the pet stories No.3
vol.14 Youth bet on the hachimaki stone !!
vol.15 New departure !!

By Gaito Totori 2010 in Moon